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Letter: A Clear Choice for Mascoma Voters

To the Editor:

For those passionate about our children’s education, the choice is clear in the Mascoma School District. We need an adequate facility that provides for basic teaching space and allows equal investment in all of students’ interests. The proposed renovation includes an auditorium that would be used weekly, if not daily. This space would also house a new library, science room expansion and classroom and art spaces necessary to meet the basic high school requirements. Moving the performing and visual arts to this space will open up classroom space in other parts of the school, in addition to providing workout space and more gym time for the sports teams.

Our strong community is rooted in our population. As residents age, we hope for new people to come to fill our towns, businesses, volunteer organizations and churches — in short, to keep our community alive. Parents are always trying to provide adequate resources for their families. Strong schools that meet the basic needs of our children are a big draw for young people to stay in the community and for welcoming new, vibrant families.

Business people have best addressed the argument about financial impact. Not one business favors a decrease in population. A vibrant school draws people to the community.

The other compelling argument concerns the rate of return on our investment. There is a direct correlation between property value and the quality of the school system. The best way to protect your major investment, your home and property, is to have a strong school and community. Over the next four years, there will be variable real estate tax increases, which will reach the maximum in the fifth year and will remain fixed for the remaining 21 years of the loan. According to the calculations prepared independently by the Friends of Mascoma, the annual increase on a $200,000 property would be: $258 in Dorchester; $288 in Grafton; $206 in Enfield; $288 in Canaan and $317 in Orange.

Democracy gives us the great privilege of voting independently. It is how we determine the fate of our country, community and children.

Julia Klein-Zawilinski

For the Music Boosters Organization

Mascoma Valley Regional High School