Letter: Focus on the Real Entitlements

To the Editor:

While one could argue the right and wrong of the budget cuts in the sequester, one constant target for reducing spending is “entitlement” programs, primarily the Medicare and Social Security programs that most of us have been investing in for decades.

These programs are not “entitlements” — they are self-funded. Instead of attacking these programs, revise the funding formulas and raise the income cut-off for higher-earning individuals.

Corporations receive true entitlements, arranged for by millions of lobbyist dollars and paid for by taxpayers. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bill focused attention on eliminating these corporate entitlements — corporate welfare — as an alternative to the sequester. On the Internet, search for “corporate welfare,” and you will find more data that I can put into this letter — billions of dollars worth of corporate welfare.

Don’t solve the financial crisis on the backs of the poor and retirement populations — put the recovery onto the backs of corporations with the highest profits who also get the highest subsidies and tax credits.

Anne Peyton

South Strafford


Letter: They’re Taxes, Not Investments

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To the Editor: A letter in the March 16 Forum headlined “Focus on the Real Entitlements” referred to the Medicare and Social Security programs as ones “that most of us have been investing in for decades.” Money that any individual has given to Social Security during working years is a tax, not an investment. The tax goes, as a money …