Letter: Threat to Grafton’s Freedom

To the Editor:

Very few Graftonites are aware of the existence of the Free State Project or its potential to be a threat. Because fouling up local politics is their primary pastime, Free Staters attend every town political function. There may be only 35 of them, but when there are only 34 regular townsfolk who attend, the Free Staters get their way.

Free Staters have petitioned for a warrant article to prevent repossession of property due to excessive back taxes. There is no point of having a law if there is no penalty for breaking it. Without tax-funded public roads, Free Staters would have to walk through the woods to go anywhere, although they would probably be stopped by fellow libertarians’ “No Trespassing” signs during their travels. They are also attempting to limit the annual budget increase to $1 per year. This ignores the concept of inflation, and is strictly an exercise in attempting to not pay for anything.

Free Staters are not bad, violent or evil people, but what they do to pass their time (and waste the time of the townsfolk in the process) is entirely unacceptable. Please keep an eye out for their sneaky footprints on the ballot: Certain warrant articles reek of ignorance and irresponsibility. If they would simply observe their surroundings instead of storming into town determined to “free” us, they would see that Grafton was much freer before it had a porcupine on its back. They need a new hobby — one that, ironically, would not infringe on the liberty of others. The Free State Project’s political agenda is one of the most obnoxious and disrespectful things I have ever seen in my life.

What I have learned is that attending and voting at the deliberative session to edit the ballot is at least as important as voting on the final ballot. The people of Grafton will need to make note of this for next year, and spend a few hours of their time to prevent irresponsible people from being manipulative in order to feel power.

Angus Gorman



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