Letter: Addressing Lebanon High’s Challenges

To the Editor:

Upon hearing the news that Laura Dykstra has chosen to not run for re-election to the Lebanon School Board, I felt compelled to thank her. She has done an enormous amount for our school district, including shepherding the new middle school through to fruition. I will remember her term more, however, for her steadfast attention to and caring about the quality of education in this district. At times, this has been in the face of the well-established wing of the School Board that considers costs first and the educational impact second.

After giving it some consideration, I have decided to not run for the School Board this year, choosing instead to continue my focus on many of the educational challenges Lebanon High School is facing. I am sure that all parents of Lebanon High students know that the school is going through the two-year re-accreditation process done every 10 years. Principal Nan Parsons has told me that parent committees will be set up in early spring, and these committees will serve as conduits for parents to communicate with high school administrators the issues they are aware of. There are, in my view, some core and important educational issues that must be addressed, so I will be joining a committee to provide this feedback.

I would heartily suggest to parents of Lebanon High students that they have some sit-downs with their children and discuss areas that need immediate attention at the school. It’s all about making things better scholastically so that our students will be well educated.

Parents may contact me at (603) 643-3609, if they wish to discuss areas of common concern before the committee process starts.

Lou Maresca

West Lebanon