Letter: New Contracts in Hanover Districts

To the Editor:

In just about a week, the voters of Hanover and Norwich will be asked to vote on the school budget and the contracts for the support staff, custodial staff and the teachers of the Dresden and Hanover school districts. As the president of the Hanover Educators Association, I would like to thank everyone involved in the process of creating the budget and contract agreements. Much time and effort went into these agreements, and we are all very pleased by the timely and well-thought-out process and protocols. The SAU, the employees of the district and our school boards view these agreements as fair, equitable and reflective of current economic conditions.

I would also like to encourage voters to go to the SAU 70 website (SAU70.org) to check out the nuts and bolts of the budget, warrants and the various collective-bargaining agreements. You will find many exciting learning opportunities occurring throughout our schools. We hope you will have the chance to learn more about each of our schools and the value they bring to our community here in Hanover, and why we feel so proud and privileged to be a part of such a great school system.

Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing everyone out for the vote on March 5.

Elizabeth Murray


Hanover Educators Association