Letter: Problem With Online Tax

To the Editor:

Mt. Cube Farm produces maple products that are shipped not only to people in New Hampshire but around the country as well. The Internet has made it possible for a small family farm in New Hampshire to compete on a national, even global stage.

I was dismayed to recently learn that some in Washington are pushing an online sales tax. This would require small businesses such as mine to collect and remit a sales tax from those states that have a sales tax already on their books.

Such a tax would cripple our ability to expand into new markets and grow our business.

We elect leaders to lead, and thankfully Sen. Kelly Ayotte has led the fight against an online sales tax. Ayotte has introduced a resolution stating that no federal legislation should give states the authority to impose any new burdensome or unfair tax-collecting requirements on Internet businesses.

Our businesses and our state are fortunate to be represented by Ayotte.

Peter Thomson