Letter: Disappearing Intelligent Life

To the Editor:

I have been reading about all the proposed spending and tax increases projected in our local towns, and something I fail to understand is why are so many of our elected leaders so out of touch with the local wage scale? Property taxes go up $200 to $300 a year, and people just keep electing the same ol’ group, and the argument at the local coffee shop remains the same: When does it end?

I enjoyed Chuck Wooster’s article a few weeks ago. I’ve wondered a few times about him, but he hit one major point right on the head: Open land needs protection from taxation. I have a better plan, and it’s one that will please the liberals who run my lost state.

This is how my real estate ad would read:

“Four five-acre lots for sale; $100,000 each; land is in a gold town.

“Buyer must use government programs to purchase land. Minorities are encouraged to apply, even illegal aliens. Must guarantee that you will never work in a job below poverty level. Must have at least six children each to fill our school; it would help if five of them are special-needs children, even if they really are not. (It’s OK; just don’t tell the teachers.)

“Must vote every year as a way to protect all the rights that you are enjoying with this land and to help me make sure all the idiots stay in Montpelier at least three months of the year.”

And let’s all watch the migration to the South speed up to places where common sense and education prevail — outside of the Blue States. Until then, pray; that’s all the good it will get ya. So much for intelligent life.

Douglas Tuthill

West Hartford


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