Letter: Problems With Quechee Proposal

To the Editor:

If the Quechee Highlands development is approved by the Act 250 Regional Commission (the next hearing is tomorrow at 5 p.m. at the Hartford Municipal Building), I’ll need to ask myself why I and so many other citizens in Hartford bothered to spend thousands of hours working to develop a comprehensive Master Plan. That effort, which took place in 2006-2007, distilled the input of hundreds, if not thousands, of residents and business owners. Two core concepts: develop the village centers in the town, the real magnets that draw visitors and residents to our area, and enhance connectivity within the village centers to improve the livability and walkability of our most important assets.

It may be that 50 years from now population growth in our town will demand a new business center in the vicinity of Exit 1 on I-89 in Vermont. Clearly no such demand is present today when plenty of developable properties exist in the villages of Wilder, White River Junction, Quechee, Hartford and West Hartford. The Act 250 commission needs to save us from our lack of action in getting our planning and zoning regulations aligned with our master plan.

Sheila Armen