Letter: New D-H Facility Needs Volunteers

To the Editor:

I am currently one of several Dartmouth-Hitchcock volunteers working at the new Heater Road facility in Lebanon. It opened in November and is a beautiful facility. A number of departments have moved to Heater Road from the main D-H Medical Center facility, and they are providing superior care to their patients in a smaller setting. The first few months have been terrific.

I was asked to help begin the volunteer program at Heater Road, and we have completed a six-week pilot program. With lots of positive feedback, D-H has decided to make this program permanent. The core group of pilot-program volunteers are continuing to donate a little time each week to help patients and visitors.

However, we need additional people to provide coverage for the entire workweek. Right now, we are recruiting for four open shifts of four hours each. These new volunteers will help direct patients, visitors and staff at the reception desk and will assist in other ways to make their time at Heater Road enjoyable and productive. I would like to urge any interested person to contact Andrea Henry, director of volunteer services at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, at 603-650-7057 to find out more about becoming a volunteer at Heater Road.

This is a very rewarding opportunity, and it provides invaluable support to the dedicated staff who work there at Heater Road. It takes just a little bit of your time, but the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping people lasts all week. Please give it some thought and, if you have some time to spare and would like to help, call and find out more. We need you!

Glyn Reinders