Letter: Serving Local Veterans

To the Editor:

Project VetCare, a new Upper Valley nonprofit organization focusing on veterans issues, is implementing programs that are building healthy social interactions between veterans and the community. More than 90 percent of Hanover High School students were exposed to talks from 50 local veterans. These talks were educational for the students and for the veterans. The program was so well received that the social studies department has asked to have the full program repeated. Project VetCare is working to replicate this program at Lebanon, Mascoma and Hartford high schools.

We also host potlucks. Over 150 people have attended potluck suppers, which have helped veterans meet other veterans and assisted in building community interaction. With all the recent stories in the press about the high suicide rate of veterans, we feel that we are doing our small part to help get veterans out of their homes and socializing again in the Upper Valley. We need volunteer veterans to help us organize potlucks and to speak at these classes. The next potluck is March 1 at the Lebanon Seniors Center. Please contact Project VetCare at 603-277-9047 or email ProjectVetCare@gmail.com.

Robert Chambers