Letter: Before Judgment Day Arrives

To the Editor:

William Holmes McGuffey (1800-1873) was considered the “schoolmaster of the nation” and published the first edition of his McGuffey’s Reader in 1836. This is an excerpt from the section entitled “Evening Prayer”: “You should ask Him for life, and health, and strength; and you should pray to Him to keep (you) ... from the ways of sin and shame. You should thank Him for all His good gifts, and learn, while young, to put your trust in Him; and the kind care of God will be with you, both in your youth, and in your old age.”

It certainly is such a shame that mankind has wandered so far from that which will bring tranquility and peace. The sins of this country can be atoned in only one way before judgment day arrives — turn to God and repent, because we’re one heartbeat away from standing in front of Him for judgment, whether for good or for bad.

W. B. Fisk Sr.

Post Mills