Letter: A Baby-Boomer Who Did Us Proud

To the Editor:

I entered law school in September of 1968, at the start of three years that would see unbelievable student unrest and unrestrained outrage over the Vietnam War. Protests upset campus life to the point where one of the law school professors told the assembled students that we were part of the worst generation and that none of us would amount to anything, ever.

Well, I can’t speak for anyone who was there in the room, but I do want to say that one member of my generation did amount to something, and not just once, but throughout her public life. I’m speaking, of course, of Hillary Clinton, whose life of service to this country makes me proud to be a member of the generation born just at the end of World War II. It’s hard to imagine someone who has contributed more to the well-being of this nation and all humanity. She has offered wisdom, hard work, endurance and good judgment to the task of making the world a safer place, and she has done so in a way that just makes things better.

I’m sure I’m among millions who have signed email thank-you notes and wished her well in every way. But in this note I want to say it plain: Thank you, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for all you have done for us. And thank you for showing that members of our generation could, and did, amount to something truly great.

Peter Hoe Burling

Member, Democratic National Committee