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Letter: Fighting Racism at Dartmouth

To the Editor:

The perpetrator or perpetrators of recent acts of racial hatred at Dartmouth College deserve swift and uncompromising punishment. If a student or students committed the offenses, expulsion from the college is the only acceptable course of action. If a staff member or staff members committed the offenses, firing is the only acceptable course of action.

Finding and weeding out racists from its community should be Dartmouth’s urgent mission until the job is done. College administrators can convene as many meetings as they please, but if they allow the buzz around these recent vile acts of racism to fade without taking immediate and aggressive corrective steps, racists might come to feel quite at home at Dartmouth College.

Minority students at the college, as well as minority citizens of the region, have a right to equal safety, equal presence and equal treatment.

Racism harms everyone. The incidents at Dartmouth are not the concern of the college only; they concern all residents of the Upper Valley. People of the Upper Valley: Speak up!

Carolyn M. Bardos



Letter: Please Update Dartmouth Situation

Monday, February 25, 2013

To the Editor: On Jan. 20, the Valley News published a letter of mine regarding acts of racism that occurred at Dartmouth College on or near Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In one case, someone wrote the “n word” on a white board in a dormitory. Another incident involved someone invading the personal space of two Asian students in a …