Letter: Massacres Can Occur Without Guns

To the Editor:

Yes, it is horrific what happened in Sandy Hook, Conn., last month. Do we as a country need to address gun violence? Yes, we need to look with a careful eye and common sense at a number of things, not just gun violence.

Still, even with new safeguards in place, perfect peace of mind is not possible. I just recently received an email about an even more horrific school massacre that occurred right here in America over 80 years ago. This school massacre took place in Bath, Mich. There were 43 people killed, including 38 children, with 58 injured. The perpetrator was a disgruntled 55-year-old named Andrew Philip Kehoe. He didn’t use a gun in this 1927 massacre; he used dynamite to blow up his farm, his wife, the school and himself.

This was a terrorist act that most of us — unless we had grandparents or great grandparents involved — never heard of.

You can check it out on Wikipedia. Simply type in “Andrew Philip Kehoe.”

I guess we need to remember that we can’t always predict or catch the crazies before they commit unspeakable crimes.

Janet Hayward Burnham