Letter: Helping Our Far-Away Neighbors

To the Editor:

So many volunteers throughout the Upper Valley have demonstrated a commitment to helping our neighbors in need. Each of us helps how and when we can, though natural disasters and a sluggish economy continue to stretch volunteer resources.

Still, our far-away neighbors in the developing world who live without social aid or resources also need our help. For 15 years, the Dominican Republic Projects (DRP-NCC) under the leadership of Rita Severinghaus has made annual trips to remote areas of Cotui in the Dominican Republic to work alongside villagers on community initiatives in health, education and the environment. Upper Valley residents and resources have helped build a community center/school, supported and helped remodel a local nursing home and health center, initiated a women’s cooperative, helped build a rural clinic, and for about six years brought medical staff and supplies to the region.

This year’s project is to construct a 500-square-foot home for a family of five — needed before the hurricane season begins in June. Fifteen Upper Valley residents including students will spend Feb. 16-25 working together to complete this home. To learn more or to donate to the efforts in Cotui, please contact Rita at drprojects98@gmail.com or click on drprojects.org.


Karen Watson

For the Dominican Republic Projects-NCC

White River Junction