Letter: Needed: Holistic Approach to Gun Problem

To the Editor:

I share the same concern that Robert and Lucy McLellan expressed in their well-reasoned Jan. 16 letter: Gratuitous cinematic violence is likely an important variable in the complex equation driving violent behavior, including mass shootings. Easy access to firearms of every kind, especially semi-automatic assault weapons, certainly feeds the problem, but it’s important to recognize that America’s gun infatuation came out of the toothpaste tube long ago. National legislative proposals that do not honestly and holistically address the causes of our gun-violence problem will not garner my support (even though I’m not a gun-owner), as they will certainly fail.

Jim Lacombe



Letter: Bloodbath in the Middle-earth

Monday, January 7, 2013

To the Editor: Don’t see The Hobbit! My wife and I joined an audience replete with young children at 6:45 p.m. recently. We looked forward to refreshing our memories of the charming fantasy novel read in high school. After being assaulted by six or seven previews of horrifically violent movies, which were rated for “appropriate audiences,” we breathed a sigh …