Letter: I’m Hanging on to My Guns

To the Editor:

There’s an assault being waged against our Constitution. I’m watching the ignorant, loud cry of gun control supporters who wish to hack the Bill of Rights over the recent mass shootings in the U.S. Tragic as they are, they don’t warrant taking away every citizen’s liberties. A couple in Hanover called the National Rifle Association a “terrorist organization.” A man in Lyme thinks we should do away with the Second Amendment altogether and that no one should own guns. Wonder who protects their families? This presents a naive study in trust, to be sure.

As part of the recent fear-mongering, The Journal News in New York state irresponsibly published an interactive Google map with names and addresses of legal gun-permit holders, implying in some way that legally owning a firearm to protect one’s self and family was a crime in and of itself. Stupidly, they have given a concise list to criminals of which houses are armed with guns to steal and which homes would be easy prey. This lunacy presents a horrific threat to those families who are doing nothing but legally owning a gun to protect their families. The recent shooting in Georgia where a woman defended her home, her life and the lives of her children should end the discussion of why we have the right to protect ourselves. When someone is in your home, the response needs to be immediate.

The Second Amendment was put into the Bill of Rights to defend our Constitution. Bans are the first step toward registration. Registrations provide the lists used for confiscations. Confiscations allow for rounding up citizens and by then, it’s only a short train ride to extermination camps. Russia disarmed its people in 1929 and then killed 20 million activists. Hitler imposed the Gun Control Act of 1938, making it easier for him to tyrannize and kill. And Syria is currently murdering people who don’t have the proper means to resist. I think I’ll not be so quick to relinquish my liberties just yet, thanks.

Marc G. Roy



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