Letter: Fluoride Isn’t Safe or Effective

To the Editor:

Your editorial advocating the use of fluoride in Bradford’s water contained misinformation, a lack of rudimentary research and way too much condescension. Somebody “called this in” without doing their homework.

Had the writer bothered to fact check, he would have learned that the “out-of-town anti-fluoride activist” was actually a concerned Bradford resident.

Had the writer attended the open meeting, he would have learned that recent medical studies (Colquhoun, Limeback, Yiamonyiannis, Diesendorf and Peckham, to name a few) have shown that it is not fluoride in water but rather topical fluoride that has contributed to declining decay rates, that Bradford’s fluoride was imported from China and that for several segments of the population systemic fluoride is dangerous (diabetics, those with impaired kidney function, infants and young children).

Had the writer bothered to dig further, he would have found that:

∎ Dosage cannot be controlled and its effects are cumulative.

∎ Fluoride is found in orange juice, apple juice, soda, beer, wine, Popsicles, baby food, ice cream, grapes and raisins, canned and processed food, vegetables, toothpaste, mouthwash and almost everything we consume.

∎  Bennington, Brattleboro and Plainfield, Vt., have discontinued fluoridation, along with Honolulu, Salt Lake City, Flagstaff, Billings, San Antonio, Calgary, Quebec City, Ithaca, Albany and over 100 other cities. The Burlington Board of Health has called for the discontinuation of adding fluoride to Burlington’s water.

∎ Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Colombia and Japan (among others) do not fluoridate their water.

I applaud the Bradford Water and Sewer commissioners for looking at all the current studies and latest data. While the editorial writer would have us regress to the 1950s when any statement by an authority figure such as the Centers for Disease Control was accepted without question, we are in the 21st century now. Fluoride in drinking water is neither effective nor safe, and its long-term harmful effects are now starting to be documented.

Karen DeRosa

Bradford, Vt.

Grafton County GOP Event

To the Editor:

John Steven, former head of New Hampshire Health and Human Services Department and one-time Republican gubernatorial candidate, will be speaking at the Enfield Community Center on Sunday, Jan. 20. He will cover topics such as the Affordable Care Act, the 2012 election and the Republican Party’s path forward. The meeting will begin at 2 p.m. Coffee and donuts will be available. If you have any questions or would like directions to the community center, please contact me at secretary@graftongop.org. The event is sponsored by the Lebanon branch of the Grafton County Republican Committee

Adeline Johnson

Secretary, Grafton County Republican Committee

Campton, N.H.

Thanks From Hand to Heart Project

To the Editor

The last few months of the year are important ones to many nonprofit programs, the time when they turn to their communities for financial support. That is true for The Hand to Heart Project, the Upper Valley program that provides free massage and compassionate touch to people with advanced cancer. I’m writing to thank the people and groups in our community that made our autumn successful.

Our annual fall appeal letter brought in more than $10,000 in donations from individuals throughout the region. In addition, we are especially grateful this year for a donation of $5,000 from Closey and Whit Dickey of Lebanon, who learned of the program when two of their close friends were among our clients.

The Lloyd Symington Foundation, which aims to support “the heart and soul of cancer care,” also provided a grant of $5,000 in the fall.

The Cornish Quilters, a group that has made and donated several beautiful quilts to support Hand to Heart, did so again last year. The raffle for that quilt raised more than $1,000.

The people at Harpoon Brewery allowed us to be part of their Octoberfest event in Windsor, which resulted in $1,100 for Hand to Heart.

We also get contributions each year from a handful of foundations and trusts, and while I can’t list them all here, I want to acknowledge the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation for its generous support since our program was founded in 2007.

These are just a few of the people and groups who helped Hand to Heart in 2012. We also received support from local churches, from massage students at a community college, from a dance organized by a group of local folks, and from family members and friend of some of our clients who died. Without such help, we would not be able to continue providing our unique service, which the son of a client once described as “a small miracle of suffering made easier through healing touch and presence.”

If you would like information about Hand to Heart, or would like to contribute, visit our website at www.handtoheartproject.org.

Steve Gordon

Executive Director, The Hand to Heart Project


Silence From the Normally Noisy

To the Editor:

What do Sens. Kelly Ayotte, John McCain and Lindsey Graham have to say about the senseless killing of schoolchildren and their teachers? They have been blatting for over two months about the four diplomats who died in Benghazi.

At least the diplomats had some protection. These teachers and children had none. Who protects other countries’ diplomats in the United States? We should expect the same from other countries.

My advice: Do the job you were elected to do, and stop protecting the National Rifle Association and others for election money.

There is a saying: Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. These three, Ayotte, McCain and Graham, could probably empty a rock quarry in minutes.

Robert Pollard