Letter: Bigger Biceps But Inferior Values

To the Editor:

If millennia ago, when those two-legged creatures who preferred to live on the ground instead of trees began structuring their social societies, the female species had assumed the leadership role instead of the male, we would have an entirely different society today. The female, having gone through the waiting and final pain of birth, would insist that it be a society based on caring, sharing and love, not aggression and killing. The male had bigger biceps, so he won.

Isn’t it time for humanity to throw out all leaders — and people — who advocate aggression and conflict of any kind, including that practiced by professional sports? Join and support as many organizations as you can to do this, for the good of our children and future generations.

The only reason I would not be for women taking over the world now is that too many of them have taken on male attributes.

Robert Daubenspeck

White River Junction