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Letter: Keeping Lawmakers Safe

To the Editor:

In December, two years ago, the ban on carrying a gun in the New Hampshire Legislature was lifted. Since then, the worst of the sociopaths living among us were apparently deterred from a mass shooting by knowing that legislators were not defenseless and were not, in effect, saying, “Come and kill us.”

Now, Paul Mirski, a former House member from Enfield Center, is concerned that lifting the ban by the new members in control of the Legislature will have just this fearsome effect (“The Right of Self-Defense,” Dec. 29).

One must wonder, though, why in the 40 years preceding the December 2010 action, not one of the sociopaths accepted the then-existing open invitation Mirski fears.

Louis A. Kislik

West Lebanon


Letter: Unalienable Right of Self-Defense

Thursday, December 27, 2012

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