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Letter: Murder Isn’t Entertainment

To the Editor:

Now that 20 children and their teachers have been slaughtered in Connecticut, our “weak-kneed” legislators in Washington seem ready to go beyond their “firearms for happiness” programs and discuss arms legislation that may have teeth in it. I would suggest they go beyond arms control and seek control of the TV and Hollywood films that glorify murder “for the sake of truth and justice.” Murder is not entertainment.

These recent massacres seem to be committed by young people in their teens and 20s, young people raised on police and war stories as enjoyable pastimes. They have become cut off from the real world and its consequences.

The battles of World War II replayed on TV are more romantic than those of us who were in the war seem to remember. Those chests upholstered in colorful war ribbons that we see in Washington hearings are always on the chests of generals. Those closer to the bullets were buried without them.

Herbert Kummel