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Letter: Bow Down and Repent

To the Editor:

Just imagine what would happen if a young child could send a letter directly to God. Perhaps it would go like this: “Dear God: Why do you allow this violence in our schools? Signed, Concerned Student.”

The answer might be: “Dear Concerned Student: Because I’m not allowed in public schools. Signed, God.”

This is a real situation, people. God is real, and he’ll heal a nation, if only its citizens will bow down to him and repent. From the looks of things, though, there are too many who won’t, and therein lies our problem.

W. B. Fisk Sr.

Post Mills


Letter: More Than Prayers Needed

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To the Editor: Just wondering which schools (not to mention churches, temples and synagogues) W. B. Fisk Sr. believes deadly tragedy would bypass if only the communities “will bow down to (God) and repent” their godlessness (“Bow Down and Repent,” Jan. 1)? Would it be the Christian Oikos University in Oakland, Calif., where a shooter opened fire in April 2012 …