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Letter: Control of Vermont Deer Herd

To the Editor:

I think that the amount of white tail deer in Vermont that you can tag and how long the season is should be based on the population of deer in Vermont. This is important so we don’t kill too many deer or let the deer population get out of hand.

According to Vermont Fish and Wildlife, the population of white tail deer last year in Vermont was about 123,000. Hunters killed about 12,132 deer. The number of deer a hunter can tag in Vermont is three for the whole year, and the hunting season for deer is Oct. 1 through Dec. 9. If the deer population grows in number and deer start to overrun the state of Vermont, then I think the government should let people get five tags and make the season go on for two more weeks. I think if the deer population does get out of control and we don’t do this right away, then we might never get the deer population back under control.

If the deer have a bad winter and their population goes down a lot, then I think we should shorten the hunting season by two weeks and only be able to get two deer tags, so that the deer population can go up and not have so many deer killed.

Wyatt Guillette

Sixth Grade, Westshire Elementary School

West Fairlee