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Letter: Why Make It Any Easier?

To the Editor:

It is impossible to imagine a sadder example of senseless gun violence than the recent mass killing of elementary schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn. If that does not finally waken the frozen, selfish hearts of those who insist on having access to semi-automatic weapons, then there truly is no hope.

While there are many factors involved in such a tragedy, let’s be honest: ready access to semiautomatic weapons isn’t helping. Sure, someone intent on doing harm will likely find a way to do it regardless of any law. And that’s exactly my point — why make it easier by having these weapons available to the public in the first place when there is simply no justification that outweighs the risk?

Self-defense? Go get a non-semiautomatic gun. A hobby? Sorry, but if your hobby is shooting a semiautomatic weapon, you probably not only need to get a different hobby, you need to get a life. Second Amendment right? Go ahead and keep your non-semiautomatic weapon. I’m not calling for a ban on all guns, just the semiautomatic weapons that have no other purpose than to kill as many people as quickly as possible. The only sane thing to do is to ban semiautomatic weapons, just as we ban access to other weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps a criminal will find a way to get one illegally. But I ask again, why make it any easier?

If you still aren’t convinced, ask yourself this: Are you willing to sacrifice your own child’s life in exchange for owning a semiautomatic weapon? I didn’t think so. But the blood in Newtown is on all of our hands. We are all guilty of not acting as responsible citizens and fighting harder for a ban on these weapons. Let’s step up and do something this time, lest those 20 children die in vain, and lest evil next be visited upon a school in the Upper Valley. Write your representatives. Organize a protest. Start a petition. Just do something. Anything. How much closer to home (and to the heart) does it have to get, folks?

David Bucci