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Letter: Advice for Members of Congress

To the Editor:

Members of Congress should, first of all, remember that they represent all of the residents of your district. They are not there to represent the party. It may be fine for them to run on a platform, but it is imperative that they see everyone’s problems and do what is right for the country.

If the theory that giving breaks to the wealthiest Americans will create jobs were true, I think we wouldn’t have an unemployment problem. Are they investing in the country by buying U.S. debt rather than having their money sent overseas?

And members of Congress shouldn’t worry about their “legacy.” If they do the job properly, they will have one; if not, they don’t deserve one.

If they want to straighten out Social Security, have everyone pay on all of the income they earn. There should not be a cutoff at a certain level of earnings. The employer doesn’t get this sort of break, so why should high-wage earners? This change would give solvency to the system for many more years.

And, by the way, politicians shouldn’t be getting a huge monthly check upon retirement ­— just a thank-you from the American public who may be in need of the money.

Clyde A. Jenne