Letter: Raising Money for Selamta

To the Editor:

We recently hosted a fundraising gathering with our children at our Hanover house. The fundraiser was to support SelamtaFamilyProject.org’s mission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The organization, founded and headed by Carol Stone (Foster) of the Upper Valley, supports over 100 children seeking a better life through a creative, life-engaging model. Many Upper Valley families and friends of our children support this wonderful charitable effort with money, time and travel to Ethiopia to help.

We have taken fundraising contributions at this gathering for six years, but we wanted to share our experience with this most recent one. We have previously asked for donations of $5 to open our home to scores of at-age adults, principally of Hanover High 2002-06 vintage, for what some might regard as a controlled bomb explosion. Last year, we donated $980 to SelamtaFamilyProject.org, an all-time high.

This year we asked these adults for $10 to commemorate the 10th sacrifice of my bride’s kitchen and floors to the whims of these adults. We want to pass along our observation that nearly all of the young adults who visited our house stepped up to this financial contribution with an appreciation for their ability to help less fortunate kids on another continent. Additionally, aside from the floors, the decorations and items in our house survived unharmed and unmoved.

We all raised over $3,000 that night for SelamtaFamilyProject.og. We want to thank the young adults who came to the gathering, their parents who brought them up well, our friends who brought and left red wine in the past (you may want to bring more for the future) and our neighbors who accommodated the intrusion into our small space for the evening. Finally, we want to thank the safety enforcement officers of the community for unintrusive support of responsible behavior.

William H. Mitchell