Letter: Petraeus Headline Was Misleading

To the Editor:

I usually appreciate the quality of the Valley News’ coverage and editorials. Thus, I was unpleasantly surprised and disappointed to find the Saturday headline about Gen. Petraeus’ testimony regarding the Benghazi attack so grossly misleading (“CIA Knew Terrorists Hit U.S. Consulate,” Nov. 17). The front-page sub-headline states, “Petraeus Says White House Wanted Information Secret.” In fact, the article reported that Petraeus testified that the CIA’s draft talking points included a reference to a terrorist attack, but the reference was removed — “although he wasn’t sure which federal agency deleted it” — so as not to tip off the perpetrators while efforts to identify and punish them were under way. The article even includes a direct quote from a Democratic congressman at the hearing that, “The general was adamant there was no politicization of the process, no White House interference or a political agenda. He completely debunked the idea.”

I hope that you will issue, as soon as possible, a clear correction of this highly inaccurate headline.

Peter Brink