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Letter: Bradford Battles the Pinkos

To the Editor:

I salute the members of the Bradford Water and Sewer Commission for quietly discontinuing the fluoridation of its town’s water (“Bradford Stops Fluoridating Water Supply, Upsetting Dentists,” Nov. 16). While many will see its action as a rather mundane bit of budgetary prudence, some of us know the real truth: This action was a strike against the great international Communist conspiracy of water fluoridation.

This fluoride conspiracy was first identified by the John Birch Society, a misunderstood bastion of scholarship co-founded by the father of the Koch brothers. Over the decades, the society has tried to warn the populace about the debilitating effects of fluoride on the general population, particularly the young, but the Communists and their fellow travelers, most notably dentists, have suppressed all dissent and managed to poison a good portion of the country with this pernicious mineral. The results have been a general mental deterioration of a major portion of this country into a herd of needy takers. One need look no further than the recent re-election of a socialist non-American man as president to see how fluoride has wrecked this great nation.

I wish I could write more about what great heroes these commissioners are, but I need to get back to repairing my tinfoil hat so that it will be ready for my weekly conversation with my friends on Neptune.

Stephen D. Miller