Letter: Ayotte Joins Dismaying Attack on Susan Rice

To the Editor:

Much to my dismay, senior senators in Washington have decided to launch a vicious attack on U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice because she is in the running for appointment as secretary of state. Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain have announced that they will “do everything” in their power to block the elevation of Ambassador Rice (if she is chosen by the president) because she had the unbridled gall to report on TV what she had been told about the fatal attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

It’s bad enough to see two Republican senators launch an utterly mendacious attack on an African-American woman who, as American ambassador to the U.N., had nothing to do with what happened in Libya. Republican attacks based on gender and race frankly have become almost too commonplace. What was particularly upsetting to see was the image of New Hampshire’s junior senator, Kelly Ayotte, right up there in front of the cameras with Graham and McCain while the attacks went on.

Does Ayotte think New Hampshire just voted for an open season on decent, capable persons like Rice? That wasn’t the message I heard on Tuesday the sixth.

Peter Hoe Burling

Member, Democratic National Committee