Forum, July 31: Shortsighted Truckers; Just Say No in Norwich; Hate and Hamas

Shortsighted Truckers

To the Editor:

Years ago as a student I saw a U-Haul truck on Storrow Drive in Boston with its top peeled back and crumpled by one of the low bridges, for which there are many, many warning signs.

Perhaps Tunbridge should consider installing steel i-beams, preferably with a thin flange and plenty of heft, outside the two wooden bridges, on sturdy steel supports at the height of the lowest cross member in the bridge. That way, people who can’t or don’t read would arrive at the wooden bridges safely within the needed height limit.

Jonathan Vincent


Enlighten Us, Cyclists

To the Editor:

I wish someone would kindly explain to me how it can be legal for people to drive around with four or five bikes attached to the rear of their vehicle, blocking the license plate and making it difficult for drivers behind them to see their brake lights. On the other hand, try driving around with your license plate light out and see what happens.

Lee Walker

White River Junction

Just Say No in Norwich

To the Editor:

This is in response to the article in the Valley News on July 22 (“In Norwich, a Push for Route 5 Site.”) I don’t see how in Norwich the town manager, police chief, fire chief and head of public works who are paid employees are able to continue to look at the site on Route 5, despite the Selectboard decision earlier this month not to investigate the site further.

As a native of Norwich, I point out that this was the former site of the Agway fuel company for 26 years. You can call it ABC Dairy to sound warm and fuzzy, but if you have lived here for some time you know it as Agway. I have stood in protest outside of Tracy Hall with my sign that reads: Stay At Historic Site, Fire and Police.

This is where the firehouse has been for the past 94 years. I have had a lot of positive response from the people. They all agree: just build a two-story building for the police attached to the firehouse with space to share.

Some people have spoken about safety. I would think if the town put up a traffic light that should be enough to stop traffic. Then the firetrucks can come out and/or back in without anyone getting hurt.

It is an ungodly amount of money that they are looking for to move to the Agway site. With a declining (and aging) population, this is going to drive more people out of town. Not everyone has a large income to live on. We need to keep it where it is.

Fran Walz


Emergency Assistance Indeed

To the Editor:

When my husband collapsed and went into anaphylactic shock moments after being stung by a bee on Sunday, many people worked together to save his life. I was able to thank some I met in the hospital and in the ambulance crew, but there were others I never met. To the 911 responder who stayed on the line with me until help arrived, to the Lebanon Fire Department’s EMS team who came to the house and knew what to do, to the Emergency Room doctors and medical personnel at Dartmouth-Hitchcock who worked for hours to stabilize him, to the many doctors who stayed on top of the situation throughout the 38 hours of this nightmare, and to the most fantastic ICU nurses anywhere, an immense thank you! Thank you for your dedication, your compassion and your skill. As a new Upper Valley resident, I feel good knowing you’re out there taking care of our community.

Toby Speed

West Lebanon

Books for the Taking

To the Editor:

The July 15 article about Little Free Libraries and the July 18 letter stating that Howe Library will be installing two Little Free Libraries in Hanover were wonderful.

The Historic Wilder Club and Library already has a “Take a Book... Leave a Book” free library bookshelf. It’s located on the right wall immediately upon entering the building. Enjoy reading.

Diane Wells


Hamas and Hatred of Jews

To the Editor:

If you’ve been watching TV or been on the Internet, you may have seen, as I have, Jew hatred, including people carrying signs and people shouting: “Kill the Jews! Slit the Jews’ throats! Gas the Jews!” These signs and cries have been accompanied by violence against Jews around the world in Paris, London, Vienna, Berlin, in the U.S. and anywhere that there are Jew haters, which of course is everywhere. Jew hatred is nothing new. It’s been around since the beginning of time.

Hamas, the terrorist rulers of Gaza, have made it an important part of their program for a new Holocaust. Just as Iran preaches the obliteration of Israel, Hamas’ 1988 charter says: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it …The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said: ‘The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

Israel, the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, which includes 1.6 million Arab Israelis, has the misfortune to be located in a sea of despots, poverty and hatred. Israel’s great success, having started with nothing in 1948, must create great envy among Arabs. Their failure is underscored by Israel’s Western standard of living, democracy and the inclusion of Arab Israelis in senior positions in Israel’s government, the judiciary, the foreign service, entertainment, sports, academia, medicine and even the military.

There would be no need for Israel’s fence, embargo or any other Israeli defensive response to Hamas’ terrorist attacks or those coming from the West Bank if there were a willingness to forgo violence and to negotiate without preconditions on the part of the Palestinians. It is unfortunate that instead of working to improve the lot of the people of Gaza by building the economy, Hamas spent millions on importing rockets, building tunnels and hoping that by placing rockets and tunnels in populated areas they could draw Israeli counter-fire that would result in civilian casualties and bad publicity for Israel.

No country while trying to defend itself has gone to the lengths that Israel has gone to in order to avoid civilian casualties. The U.S. certainly didn’t warn the residents of Nagasaki, Hiroshoma or Dresden or anyone else in other wars. The sooner Hamas can be removed, the sooner peace will have a chance.

Stuart Richards


Climate Change and Faith

To the Editor:

Last summer, the Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposium in Strafford raised awareness of the impacts of climate disruption on social justice, especially for our children. Further, we highlighted our religious and spiritual beliefs in fighting for social justice and for our children’s future. Headlined by Bill McKibben and Shyla Nelson, the symposium was a tremendous success, and spawned additional events nationally.

This year we will hold the second annual Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposium on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 23-24, again in Strafford. Keynote speakers Tim DeChristopher and Starhawk will share their personal stories, energizing us to action. Each day we will also have over a dozen workshops to choose from, including training in civil disobedience, public advocacy, technology, media and more. To find out more information, and to register, go to Last year we started this national conversation. Come to Strafford and join us as we move the conversation to the next level.

Jeff Wolfe

Steering Committee

Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposium


Disrepecting the President

To the Editor:

When I read the column by James Causey from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (“The Hating of the President”) that was reprinted in the July 10 Valley News, I could have cried. The disrespect toward President and Mrs. Obama from “Anti-black racists of the far right” was disgusting.

When I recall the pride those of us felt when President Obama won the election, to the shame we feel at the disrespect we are forced to be exposed to, I am appalled.

Estelle Diamond