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Letter: The Railroad Is Part of White River

To the Editor:

I take exception to most of the reasoning regarding the location of the railroad in White River Junction and the apparent “inconvenience” to some of its residents as described in “Police Target Trespassers; Hartford Residents Look for a Way Around Railroad Properties” (May 27).

Matt Bucy should retract his comparison of the rail yard to the Berlin Wall. The wall was built to separate people (East Berlin from West Berlin), but the railroad has been an integral part of White River Junction since 1848 and its main industry for many years, as well as the principal source of development.

If the railroad companies want security on their properties, then they should provide it and not depend 100 percent on the local police department. Why are there no strategically placed signs regarding trespassing and the penalty for doing so? How about security cameras to scan the area as are now used by most companies? Have the railroads employed the local police to furnish security for them? We do not wish to know all their secrets and security measures (if any), but we should have knowledge of them. They seem reluctant to divulge that.

The rail lines are an inconvenience to people on Latham Works Lane and other areas because of their location. Crossing the tracks and the rail yard is a shortcut to downtown. That has to be an accepted condition. Since when was a business required to provide crossing privileges of its property to local residents, especially one where a person’s life and well-being could be in jeopardy?

The railroad has been here for more than 160 years and had it not been, there probably would not be a White River Junction. Be grateful and accept it.

Gordon M. Stone

West Lebanon