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Letter: Let the Ideas Flow

To the Editor:

I agree that works of art and literature in schools shouldn’t have trigger warnings (“Trigger Happy,” editorial, May 22). But have you ever wondered why “political correctness pervades academia and in many cases perverts its purpose”?

Do you really think academia is a cauldron of contempt and disparagement toward differing points of view? I would say exactly the opposite.

How loud do people have to shout to get their point of view considered? People of color and women, to name two groups, are hoarse. But by the time anyone hears them saying, “Our point of view isn’t even acknowledged, much less considered,” they’re labeled politically correct.

Do you really think offering a point of view that doesn’t conform to the majority’s damages learning? Do you really think educational dysfunction is the aim of people who ask that we or their classmates or students or teachers see another point of view?

Don’t you wish someone had clued you in before you unknowingly launched into a “three people meet at the gates of Heaven,” joke right after your listener’s loved one had died? That’s a trigger warning. So put it in its place. No schools — not one — use these trigger warnings, outside of professors and class leaders warning students in some cases. Is it terrible that the idea, or all kinds of politically correct ideas, is up for discussion? I’d rather not restrict the flow of ideas to those with which I’m comfortable, familiar and in agreement.

Gene Cassidy