Letter: Become an Advocate for Abused Kids

Become an Advocate for Abused Kids

To the Editor:

CASA of New Hampshire is looking for individuals to be the voice of abused children in the Upper Valley. Unfortunately, there is a dire need for more volunteer advocates in this area. We will begin a training in September, so if you are thinking about how you can give back to your community in a meaningful and rewarding way, please consider applying to be a CASA volunteer advocate today.

CASA volunteers are specially trained to serve as the voice and advocate for abused or neglected children and youth in the community.

These volunteers attend court proceedings, make recommendations and form a positive relationship with the child they are working with by getting to know them, either by speaking to other adults involved in their lives, such as teachers and therapists, and by visiting the child once a month. CASA volunteers do make a positive difference, and the children who have a volunteer have better short-term and long-term outcomes, including waiting less time to get the safe and permanent family that they deserve.

The pre-service training provided is comprehensive and requires in-class sessions and homework. After the training, further education and support are offered monthly in a group format. Additionally, volunteers have peer coordinators to support them along with staff and an attorney who they can turn to with any questions. The volunteer advocate will become the expert on the child, but will have access to support and resources at both a local and statewide level.

To apply or to learn more, visit www.casanh.org or contact me at 603-536-1663 or jbuteau@casanh.org.

Jen Buteau

North Country Recruiting and Training Coordinator,

CASA of New Hampshire

Berlin, N.H.