Letter: Rep. Piper Listens and Learns

To the Editor:

My experience working directly with state Rep. Wendy Piper differs from the comments made by Paul Mirski in his letter (“Enfield Deserves a Better Rep,” May 19). I speak only from my direct personal experience in working with Rep. Piper on a number of different issues relating to various organizations with which I am involved. I have found her to be engaged, receptive, informed, responsive and willing to become involved with the issues. My thoughts, opinions and suggestions were respected by her. I recognize her to be a hard-working, dedicated public servant who shows a willingness to become involved.

When informing her about the Halls of Hope Mental Health Court held in the 2nd Circuit District Division Court in Lebanon, she came to observe it and speak with the participants directly about their experience. The same holds true for my work with The United Valley Interfaith Project’s efforts concerning pay-day loans and car title lending. She came and listened and learned. This is the behavior I would expect from a first-term representative in Enfield. She did not have to agree with me, but her willingness to engage and discern was appreciated. Thank you, Rep. Piper. You have become knowledgeable, understanding and appreciative of my concerns, and I am a member of your constituency.

Rosemary Affeldt