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Letter: One Student Dartmouth Lost

To the Editor:

Based on recent stories and editorials, both locally and in Boston, time has long since passed for some Dartmouth College students to start to grow up. Dartmouth College’s president, Philip Hanlon, has strongly stated that “(e)ven if one student is turned off because of their perceptions of the social scene here, that’s one too many” (“Dartmouth President Gets Mixed Reviews,” April 18). Who in good conscience could disagree, especially when people have been hurt, and especially when, in addition to the original harm done, it appears applications have declined as a result of the school’s reputation having been diminished?

Let me, however, add one more possible measurement — another piece of Dartmouth’s enrollment concerns. My older daughter was offered acceptance from Dartmouth College’s waiting list last spring. Nevertheless, she decided to attend another excellent school two hours south of Dartmouth in Medford, Mass. There she is. In another statistical category, there resides your “one student.” One, in this case, who had both applied to the school and then actually been accepted by it. Dartmouth College — admittedly being itself only one among many other colleges and universities in this nation’s recently very negative social news — has some work to do. But this work will need to be done in more than “one” way.

Lawrence Carle

New London