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Letter: Divisive Vote in Mascoma

To the Editor:

The voters have spoken and approved the renovations of Mascoma Valley Regional High School. It has been settled, and renovations will be taking place. All the taxpayers in all the towns of the school district will be paying for it. For School Board Chairman Jim Gerding to carefully craft a construction committee with the apparent purpose of excluding a qualified expert in construction management, regardless of her position on the renovation, is foolhardy and even more divisive than the childishness that took place between the opposing sides before the vote.

The claims that Kimberly Depelteau-Tracey, or for that matter any other person who previously opposed the renovation, is “anti-school” or “anti-children” are unfounded. Anti-waste? Yes.

We need Depelteau-Tracey on that committee so we don’t end up in a similar situation as the people of Unity. For Gerding to purposely avoid tapping her expertise is reckless and negligent with the taxpayers money and trust.

Is it time for Jim Gerding to resign as chairman of the School Board?

N. P. Meagher