Letter: 'Doc's House,' a Welcoming Home

To the Editor:

We regret the recent Lebanon Zoning Board of Adjustment decision denying a request to allow a number of regular apartments to be built at 4 South Park St., in the center of town. Perhaps the board felt bound by an ordinance that should change, but the board appears to have fallen down on the question of “hardship.” Any real hardship will land on the residents and downtown businesses of Lebanon, not on the new owner of our old family house. We grew up in that house. It was “Doc’s house” to our friends, and “Pop’s house” to our children’s friends — a real welcoming Lebanon home. Why ever would Lebanon refuse to allow regular people to live in the middle of town, where they can walk to get a dozen eggs, a pair of shoes, a glass of beer, or attend a class?

To the Zoning Board: Please reconsider. To the rest of Lebanon: How many more offices do we need in town, and why shouldn’t you all encourage people to live in one of those houses when the opportunity presents itself?

Sarah Wood Klein

Arlington, Mass.

Jonathan Wood

Bangor, Maine

Elizabeth Wood

Lamoine, Maine

Stephen Wood