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Letter: That House on the Green

To the Editor:

I am flabbergasted by the position of the Lebanon Zoning Board of Adjustment regarding the property on Colburn Park (“City: House Can’t Be Apartments,” April 9). Anyone who has lived in Lebanon for any amount of time understands the significance of that particular property. Myric Wood was a caretaker of Lebanon and its denizens. He spent his life deferring to the needs of his community. His home is the perfect refuge for the new Lebanon dweller: the professional, the single parent or the couple not ready to give in to “adult” living communities. We do not need another law office or therapist on the Green; we need residents who will buy food from the grocery, walk to dinner at local restaurants or catch the band at Salt hill Pub. We as a community are fortunate; we are the bedroom community for Dartmouth, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Hypertherm and all the other high-tech businesses that have found Lebanon to be a conducive working environment. Let’s think outside of the box. Let’s give the entrepreneurial spirit some support. Let’s respect the spirit of Myric and Lois Wood and create homes in town, on the Green. Move on — the times they are a ’changin.’

Mary Henahan