Letter: Another Distorted Cartoon

To the Editor:

Another detestable cartoon by the Obama-hater, Glen McCoy, this one even more fact challenged than usual. Putin, the muscled bully, has terrified Little Lord Fauntleroy Obama? Russia’s economy was in distress and Putin’s popularity in steep decline before Sochi and Crimea. Putin unquestionably got a bump in the polls from these efforts, but both were very costly. Russia’s GDP is $2 trillion; the U.S. and EU economies each are over $16 trillion. The U.S. and the EU are going to apply more and more economic pressure on Putin, and his oligarchs, until he reverses course, and I believe he’s going to pay a very serious price politically and economically in the not distant future. Of course, McCoy and his ilk, who only want to denigrate the presidency, call this weakness. If McCoy had either intelligence or honesty, his cartoon would show the president as the giant, “speaking softly,” and Putin the ridiculous little neighborhood bully flexing his muscles.

Richard Dybvig