Letter: Repair Brook Road in Windsor

To the Editor:

The question is: Can a town take the money that FEMA has issued for an approved project and use it for something else?

Brook Road in Windsor is one of the roads that was wiped out by Tropical Storm Irene, and it is one of the few roads that has still not been repaired. The town did the engineering work, and FEMA approved $3 million plus for the extensive work that needs to be done. Now the town is talking about using the money for other projects and leaving Brook Road impassable in two sections. That would be unfair. Brook Road belongs to everyone. It is used by the locals. It is used for recreation. The bike race uses it for its route. Horseback riders, hikers and runners all enjoy its scenic beauty. It serves as an alternate road to Route 44 in case of emergency.

FEMA money belongs to all the taxpayers and should be used for its intended purpose. Once Brook Road is gone, we will never get it back.

Betty Welles