Letter: What Is Kenyon Trying to Say

To the Editor:

I am scratching my head as to what Jim Kenyon is attempting to accomplish with his columns on the Co-op Foodstores. He lays out some very simple facts, then distorts them. To what end? Has the Co-op fallen from grace? Has the Co-op failed to achieve perfection? The innuendoes are sophomoric.

The Co-op is not perfect. It is, however, a great company that each year strives to improve. Mr. Kenyon found a dozen unhappy people. With little effort, I am sure he could find dozens more who are satisfied. This is actually confirmed by the employee survey. The Co-op is a sound company in a highly competitive marketplace with an admirable set of principles and deep roots in the community. It is a good place to work.

In response to Mr. Kenyon’s comment that employees have received “no substantial pay raises,” I challenge him to explore the Co-op’s Gain Sharing Program, which distributes profits to employees based on performance goals. As a chef of 40 years, my advice to the Co-op employee working with “aging equipment” is be more careful; all ovens, old or new, are hot! The Co-op is a great place to work. I have worked there for 13 years and have found a lot of appreciation and respect.

James A. King