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Letter: New Hampshire’s Choice

To the Editor:

I see where Scott Brown is (surprise, surprise) going to run for Jeanne Shaheen’s Senate seat.

I was a lifelong Massachusetts resident before retiring to New Hampshire a year and a half ago. I witnessed the shameful 2010 election, when the national GOP poured a lot of money into the state to “elect” Mr. Brown to serve out the late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s term. I was still there when, after watching him for two years, the voters tossed him out to elect the highly qualified Elizabeth Warren.

You may be assured that he will do for New Hampshire what he did for Massachusetts: burnish his image as a “moderate Republican” while obediently voting the party line.

And which image? The folksy guy in the brown jacket who drives himself around in an old pickup truck? Or the wealthy Republican with the seacoast vacation home?

Whom do we want representing us? A former New Hampshire governor who knows the state intimately and has served it most of her life? Or an opportunistic carpetbagger looking after his own interests?

Peter Beardsley

West Lebanon