Letter: Go for It, Bernie

To the Editor:

You write in your March 11 editorial (“The Bernie Boomlet”) that Bernie Sanders is thinking of tossing his hat into the presidential ring in 2016. I strongly urge him to do so. I have often feared that Vermont might lose him to Argentina, Greece, Venezuela or some other financial basket case where his economic fantasies would be most welcome. Think single-payer health care and aggressive action on climate change equal millions of new jobs!

A Sanders campaign would bring national attention to the political and economic climate in Vermont, where his thinking holds sway. The state where Gov. Santa Claus has created a health-care program that he apparently has no clue how to fund and where his refusal to address that issue with the state Legislature is in blatant violation of the law. Such an attractive place in which to invest and set up a business. The good news for me, and I am sure for many others, is that scrutiny by the national media should ensure the preservation of the peace, quiet and rural character of this lovely state for decades to come.

Go for it, Bernie!

Richard Chapman