Letter: Time to Act Against Gun Violence

To the Editor:

Last March, voters in Thetford, Norwich, Stafford, Woodstock, Bradford and Hartland voted to urge our legislators to close gaps in our state and federal laws that make it all too easy for dangerous people to get guns. This vote, combined with clear statewide support for stronger gun laws, met (with the notable exception of a few courageous leaders) near silence and inaction in Montpelier.

This March, after continued inaction by state leaders, the voters of Burlington approved, by a ratio of 2-1, three measures to enhance their community’s safety by keeping guns out of the wrong hands. This year, as with last March, the message is clear: It’s time for Montpelier to bring Vermont’s outdated gun laws into the 21st century. We congratulate Burlington voters on their unambiguous victory in the name of public health and safety, and we support their determination to take action. As our legislators weigh the issues raised by the voter-approved charter changes, it should be clear now that this is not going to go away. The majority of Vermonters want our state to take the lead in implementing common-sense, lifesaving measures such as background checks on all gun sales because the majority of Vermonters understand that respect for the Second Amendment goes hand-in-hand with keeping guns out of the wrong hands. On behalf of the members of Gun Sense Vermont of the Upper Valley, now is time to act for gun violence prevention in Vermont.

Melissa Weinstein

Post Mills