Letter: Clarification About Strafford Pre-School

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the March 5 article about Strafford’s Town Meeting, in which I was quoted. The statement that I made was misunderstood, and I would like to clarify. During the school budget discussion, a question was raised by another voter about whether the Creative Preschool would continue an afternoon program if no kindergarteners would attend because of the adoption of all-day kindergarten.

As a member of the Creative Preschool Board, I responded to say that yes, an afternoon program would continue for the preschool. We do, however, anticipate some significant financial hardship due to the loss of the kindergarten tuition. Although I have thoughts about the future kindergarten program, I was not stating those opinions when I spoke. I was not talking about the value of all-day kindergarten, as was represented in the article. I was simply answering a question about the preschool.

Historically the afternoon program has contributed the revenue that has allowed the preschool to meet budget. The Creative Preschool is a nonprofit that was created out of the need for early-childhood education in Strafford, and that need still exists. Therefore, I encourage the community to attend our May 3 “An Evening Out” fundraiser at Barrett Hall in Strafford and support a program that is a great resource for so many families in our area.

I would also like to thank the voters for their nonbinding resolution in support of the Creative Preschool.

Becky Proulx

South Strafford