Letter: Mascoma Voters Need Options

To the Editor:

I’m writing in response to the editorial supporting the Mascoma high school renovation (“Mascoma’s School Vote,” March 6). I’ve heard it said that this is a crucial vote for our children’s future, and I agree. How we vote will send a strong message about what sort of society we wish to have. But there is a crucial piece missing from this discussion: While the danger of losing accreditation is very real, as are the defects in the building, the renovation is not the only solution to that problem. For a tenth of the price, or less, the defects could be repaired, and the accreditation would no longer be at risk.

The School Board has steadfastly refused to give voters that option. Don’t we deserve to have the choice to decide if the building should be repaired, rather than expanded? The School Board wants one thing, and does not care to give the voters any other options. It is playing politics with our children’s future. This vote is very much about that future, and I don’t want my children growing up in a district where such dirty tricks are accepted practice. Please join me in voting “No,” and demanding that the School Board give us real options in the future. Please show our children how a civilized society behaves.

Joe Brown