Letter: Tool for Economic Vitality in Sunapee

To the Editor:

On election day in Sunapee, we would ask your support to pass Article 34, which states: “Shall the town vote to adopt the Community Revitalization Tax Relief Incentive outlined in the RSA 79-E; and further designate the Village-Commercial zoning district as defined by the Town of Sunapee Zoning Ordinance as the Development District for such purposes.” Where RSA 79-E has been used in other New Hampshire communities, projects have ranged from minor restorations to major developments.

The qualifying property must provide a public benefit. The public benefit could be restoring a historic building, promoting downtown development, or increasing the economic vitality of a commerical area. Adopting this article would provide the Board of Selectmen with discretion to deny applications and terminate an agreement. It provides transparency by requiring a public hearing and provides opportunity to further define qualifying structures.

I encourage you to support this article by voting “Yes,” and providing the town with another tool to help improve the economic vitality and tax base of Sunapee.

Betsy and Dick Katz