Letter: President Obama Is Irrelevant

To the Editor:

The question posed: Has President Obama become irrelevant?

I recently had the most interesting discussion concerning same, which so raised the ire of a man of respected intelligence that he blurted: “You just hate Obama.” Not so, I said.

I, early on in 2008, being not very impressed by Obama’s rhetoric, warned my friend not to be so taken in by the high-blown speech-making — particularly since the rhetoric was not backed by a record of meaningful legislative achievement.

But, to those whose fervor belied logic, consider Obama’s diminished state internationally:

∎ Central African Republic: warning dissident factions to behave appropriately.

∎  Ukraine: issuing meaningless admonishments, while Vladimir Putin laughs out loud.

∎  Syria: fatuous rhetorical threats, again; Vlad to the rescue.

∎  Iran: the non-start regarding nuclear proliferation vs. sanctions;

∎  Far East, Mideast and Near East: consider the well-meaning Secretary of State John Kerry, flying around the world nonstop giving a Save the Planet global warming speech in Indonesia.

Mostly, one could venture, President Obama is irrelevant.

William Kevan