Letter: Good Man for Hard Times in Pomfret

To the Editor:

Pomfret seems to be in the midst of more turmoil. The good news is that our residents are taking a more active role, and we’ll undoubtedly have a full Town Hall this Tuesday. Selectboard meetings have been extremely well attended of late because so many of us have been alarmed at the dramatic scenes at previous meetings. We are most fortunate to have had Michael Reese as Selectboard chairman during this difficult spell. He came on board in the thick of the troubles and has done a diligent job of trying to untangle the various strands and get to the source of the problems. His legal expertise, his willingness to seek official answers and his predilection for compromise have reassured many of us in difficult times. I hope he will run again and I hope he wins!

Gaal Crowl

North Pomfret