Letter: Firefighters to the Rescue

To the Editor:

By Monday, Feb. 17, the deep snow on the porch roof at Outreach House was more than a mere concern. Outreach House is a residential home for senior adults located at 11 South Park St. in Hanover. My previous attempts with a roof rake had been unsuccessful in keeping up with the heavy snowfall, and our contractor was not scheduled to come until the next day to shovel the roof.

Then, a miracle occurred — a Hanover fireman came to the door. He pointed out that the heavy, deep snow on the roof needed immediate attention. I pointed to the roof rake and said that I had tried to remove the snow, but that the snow’s depth had prevented much success.

I chatted with the considerate fireman and explained that we are a small nonprofit home for the elderly with limited resources and were hoping the snow would be gone in a day or so. I also told him, with a smile, that we like volunteers and accept donations. Within an hour, two firemen returned to shovel our roof! While they were shoveling, they were joined by two colleagues. I thanked them profusely and asked why we were so lucky to have them back. They explained that they were concerned about the weight of the snow on the roof and, with more snow and rain expected, they would be the ones rescuing any town residents whose roofs collapsed!

A big thank you to Capt. Michael Gilbert and Firefighters Linehan, Merriam and Wilkinson! While they worked on the roof, our residents were busy gazing out the front windows watching these four handsome men while they cleared the roof and then cleared the fallen piles of snow from the walkways below.

On behalf of our residents, the staff and board of directors, thank you to the Hanover Fire Department for its attention and concern — and for good works and kind hearts.

Susan Shinn

Executive Director, Outreach House